Report from the trip

On July 11 2018, a group of 20 cyclists consisting of Polish and Czech citizens set out from under Pszczyna’s District Office. In three days they did a total of over 100 km, to see the most interesting and beautiful places of the Polish-Czech border. Among the many interesting places they visited, these deserve special attention Regional Chamber in MGOK in Strumień - here all of them were delighted, who with a huge sense of humor presented the individual exhibits in an amazing way. On the next day of unforgettable impressions, the participants were able to visit the Castle of the Fryštát Castle, and then played miniature golf in Stonava.
Despite the rain and tiredness, the mood didn't leave the participants and everyone with a smile on their face when they reached the final destination - the Castle in Havířov.

The second trip was planned at the end of summer. On September 5 2018, another Polish-Czech group of cyclists set out this time in the opposite direction, from the Czech Havířov towards the Pszczyna district.
In the evening they arrived in Pielgrzymowice, and in the morning again they got on their bikes to visit nearby attractions, including in Strumień (St. Barbara's Sanctuary, City Hall with Gallery, City Park) and in Goczałkowice-Zdrój (Goczałkowice Lake, Health Resort, Wake Park, Gardens for Sightseeing "Kapias"). On the last day the group visited Pszczyna, among others A demonstration of the bison homestead, the Castle Museum, the Open-air Village of Pszczyna and the Museum of the Silesian Press. In total, in three days, they did another over 100 km on bicycles ...

Polish-Czech bicycle trips were organized by the Pszczyna District and Mikroregion Žermanické a Těrlické přehrady as part of the partnership project "Study Tour in the land of 4 lakes".

Thank you to all participants for the amazing atmosphere, the guides for adding strength on the route and all the owners of the places in which we stayed.

Thank you also Martyna and Mr. Marcin for beautiful movies.

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