Polskie i Czeskie atrakcje czekają na was

Polish and Czech attractions are waiting for you

Do you like cycling? Are you looking for an idea to spend your free time actively? We invite you to visit amazing places on the Polish-Czech border. We have prepared for you two bicycle routes from Pszczyna to Havířov and from Havířov to Pszczyna.

As part of the project "Study Tour in the land of 4 lakes"- implemented by the Pszczyna District and the Microregion Žermanické a Těrlické přehrady - the Polish-Czech group took part in two bicycle expeditions. Based on the routes they traveled and places they visited, this website was developed. You will find descriptions of routes and the most interesting tourist attractions, as well as accommodation and gastronomy base, which may be useful during trips. All avid cyclists and not only are invited to cross-border routes together!


Project deadline: 2th May 2018 r. – 30th December 2018 r.
Total cost of the project: 20.406,02 EUR (Pszczyna District: 18.052,50 EUR, Mikroregion Žermanické a Těrlické přehrady: 2.353,52 EUR)
- ERDF: 16.365,07 EUR (Pszczyna District: 14.742,96 EUR, Mikroregion Žermanické a Těrlické přehrady: 1.622,11 EUR)
- country budget: 867,23 EUR (Pszczyna District)




bicycle routes
in the region
of 4 lakes

„Agroturystyka” /w okresie letnim/

PSZCZYNA, Wisła Wielka, Zalewowa 8
Phone: +48 32 448 10 42, +4

Hotel „Adampol”

STRUMIEŃ, Zbytków, Wiślańska 3b
Phone: +48 33 85 70 588, +4

Hotel sport, Zimní stadion

KARVINÁ, Karola Sliwky 783/2a
Phone: +420 596 312 278

Restaurace Baron

KARVINÁ, Pivovarská 17/13, 733 01 Karviná
Phone: +420 736 750 168

„Thang Long”. Bar orientalny

PSZCZYNA, Sokoła 1
Phone: +48 32 447 30 32, +4

Coffee Bistro

PSZCZYNA, Dobrawy 34
Phone: +48 32 441 43 02